Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Site for CCC, Malda

"Ashaar Alo" Community Care Centre, Malda gets it place after waiting for a year. The community Care Centre has started fuctioning on 1st June 2008 with the purpose to support the HIV/AIDS patients of Malda District and its neighboring districts. The Centre provides free board and lodge, medical treatment and medicine to the HIV/AIDS patients only. Beside this is give free counseling to clients as well as their family members. There are 1 Doctor, 1 coordinator, 1 Counsellor, 1 Accountant, 3 nurses, 4 out reach workers, 1 cook and 2 janitors who render their services to this Commnity Care Centre, Malda. In the first week of the June 2009 ,we are sifting to the new place. The site of the CCC is located at Bachamari Govt. Colony, old Marda. It is about 3 Kms away from the District Hospital.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

World Aids' Day Celebration

1st December is recognized as World AIDS Day. The culmination of AIDS awareness week begins annually on 24th November. In remembrance of World AIDS Day, Ashaar Alo Community Care Centre, Malda had organized a rally at the heart land of Malda district. The boys form Malda Town and Gour College, health workers of municipality had willingly jointed rally with the staff of CCC, Malda. On 1st December 2008, they began the Rally at 8.30 a.m. from the premises of Rathbari Church to Kanimore, near Malda railway station via Charshawbishmore, Malda. The main slogan was “Stop AIDS keep the promise”. They handed out the leaf lets on HIV/AIDS to the people. In this occasion the enrolled clients of CCC, Malda were provided fruits & sweet packet each. Fr. Markus Mardi, Assistant Director of SWI, Raiganj was present in this occasion. More than 90 people actively participated in the rally. They rally came to an end with the vote of thank by Fr. Markus Mardi for their cooperation and support of all the volunteers.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

'Ashar Alo' Community Care Centre, Malda

Ashaar Alo Community Care Centre, Malda is started on 1st June 2008. This Centre is mostly for HIV patients. It has 10 beds capacity out of which 5 for women.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Annual Meet at Matoil Charles Memorial Lamps LTD's

Many days had passed by like the cloud in the sky but the sweet memories of the Annual meet of the members of Matoil Charles Memorial Lamps LTD(MCMLL) is still lingering in my mind, I tried my best to forget them but all in vain. One fine morning Bimol Mardi, the secretary of MCMLL, invited me over the Phone to come for the meeting and also told me to bring Dr. Prabir Chatterjee (UNICE) along with me. Dr. Prabir was one of dignitaries for the AGM meeting at Matoil. Both of us set out for Matoil village with Jeep on 20th May 2008 morning to encourage the villagers. As we were approaching the village we saw the villagers from different villages coming in group to attain the meeting leaving behind their daily activities. We saw big tent was made for meeting and villagers were coming and enrolling their names before they enter in the place. Mr. Chunda Hembrom, the president of the MCMLL welcomed all the dignitaries as well as all participants. On that day the new office of the MCMLL was inaugurated by Surit Das, the tribal officers. More than 800 Participants were present from Gazole -I, Gazole-II, Alal and Korkoch Gram Panchayets of Gazole Block of Malda District. New office bearers of MCMLL were formed. Meeting came to an end with Votes of thanks.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The death anniversary of Antony Murmu, Banjhi-Kodma

On 19th April, 2008 Fr. Markus Mardi, Asst. Director of Social Welfare Institute, Raiganj along with Dr. Probir Chaterjee and Bimol Mardi had attained the death anniversary of Antony Murmu at Banjhi-Kodma, Jharkhand. On this occasion Hon'ble depute chief Minister of Jharkhand, Mr. Stephan Marandi, Hon'ble Mr. Simon Marandi, the formal MLA, Hon'ble Mr. Benjamin Murmu , the formal MLA and Many other Government officers of Jharkhand state were present to show the tribute to late Antony Murmu. More than 6000 people came to pay homage to their beloved hero, Antony Murmu, who fought for just cause of the poor. He was killed on 19th April 1985 at Banjhi village of Sahebganj District,Jharkhan. To continue his noble task of late Antony Murmu, Fr. Thom SJ offered his life for the poor tribal people. He gives awareness to them on socio-economic development as well as to help them to fight for their right. To make the event meaningful they (the members of Sona Santal Somaj Somity) arranged cultural programmes, dances, songs and dramma for whole night. Fr. Markus Mardi, Dr. Probir Chaterjee and Bimol Mardi had met the wife of late Antony Murmu and She discoursed the secret of her husband's killing as well as thirteen with them. Thanks to Fr. Thom SJ and Sona Santal Somanj Somity, Kodma, Jharkhand for their woundreful works for the poor Santal tribles

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Insearch of new Community Care Centre, Malda

On 15th April, 2008 Fr. Markus Mardi, Asst. Director of Social Welfare Institute, Raiganj along with Fr. Probad Ekka, the parish priest of Ruthbari- Malda, had gone to see the various places for Community Care Centre(CCC). The places which we had seen were not suitable for CCCit was because the rooms were very small. We inform the local people to find out the places as soon as posibles and they will give us the news soon. So we go to see after finding out the place.